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1 in 4 people have risk of muscle pain on a statin.

StatinSmartTM is the first and only genetic test to identify your likelihood of experiencing this side effect.
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Statin Side Effect Kit

Are you the one?

StatinSmartTM analyzes your SLCO1B1 gene—known to impact the risk of statin induced myopathy (muscle pain).

Knowing your genotype helps you and your healthcare provider understand how your body will process statins and whether you have statin intolerance.

The easy-to-use kit is delivered to your home after one of our board-certified physicians authorizes your order. Simply provide a small sample of your saliva and return your kit for testing.

Statins are powerful life saving drugs-make sure you are on the best statin for your genotype.

It took me a long time to get on the right statin. I took this test as a way to get my cardiologist to take me off statins entirely-I was convinced that my statin was causing me some side effects. My genotype result told me I process statins normally. Now I have even more confidence that my cardiologist knows what she is doing. I no longer have an excuse to not follow my cardiologist's treatment plan.

Gary L.StatinSmartTM Customer
Statins and Heart Health

Get results that give you confidence to take action.

Your StatinSmartTM report will provide your genetic risk of muscle pain on certain statins.

Using this information, you and your healthcare provider can design a personalized plan to lower your cholesterol.

Your information is secure.

Keeping your information private and secure is important to you—and it is also important to us! The StatinSmartTM Privacy Policy ensures your personal information and test results are confidential and protected by the Health Information Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). The Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act (GINA) is U.S. federal legislation that protects Americans from discrimination (in health insurance and employment decisions) on the basis of genetic information.

Your test is processed in our CLIA-certified laboratory where we have performed over 250,000 SLCO1B1 genotype tests. When your results are ready, you can access it securely online through your StatinSmartTM account.

The information we provide is evidence-based and intended to aid individuals and their healthcare providers in treatment decisions. We are not sponsored by any pharmaceutical company, nor do we endorse specific statin brands.